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Thursday, May 3, 2012

2013 DV Lottery Results Now Available

As of May 1, 2012, you can now check if you were lucky enough to be selected in the DV lottery. You can only check on the website using your entry number, birth year, and last name. If you lost your entry number, there is no way to check if you are a winner. Also, beware of spam email saying you are a DV lottery winner – the only way to know is to check on the official website.

Congratulations if you were lucky. The chance of being selected is generally less than 1%. If you weren’t selected, you may still have a chance. Keep your entry number and you can check the results again in October 2012 when they will select some additional winners for the 2013 DV lottery. You can also try entering again for the 2014 DV lottery which should open for entry in October 2012.

If you were selected in the DV lottery, you have a choice to obtain your green card in the U.S. or apply for your visa abroad. If you wish to obtain your green card in the U.S., you must have maintained legal immigration status in the U.S. for all periods you were in the U.S. You must also maintain legal immigration status until you receive your green card.

Spouse and children of DV lottery winners can also apply for their green cards even if:
·         you were married after you entered the lottery
·         you marry after you found out you were selected in the DV lottery
·         your child is born after your entered the lottery or were selected in the DV lottery

The U.S. Government will closely scrutinize any marriages that occur after the applicant has won the DV Lottery for potential fraud.

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